Monday, July 13, 2009

Daniel + Monica 2009

Daniel and Monica will be married Aug 21 in Oakland, CA. I had the absolute pleasure of doing their engagement photos and designing their invitations. They were great to work with!! Take a look at Monica's beautiful blue pearl necklace; isn't it totally gorgeous! Daniel recently spent some time in China and I guess you can pick up a strand of 1/2 inch pearls for something like $40 (American money). I'm so jealous! now she has something blue and new to wear on her wedding day! Good luck you two!

I LOVE the BW invite! Their final pick was the purple, take a peek and vote which one do you prefer?! I'm a sucker for BW images so I'm not always sure if my preference is a reflection of personal bias or just an incredibly savvy since of style, wink, wink --- Just curious about feedback, let me know.


Thompson Family said...

hello,hello-i do like the BW one but I love the purple! It looks much more original and different! it seems like i have seen a few similar in format and style to the bw...but it looks geat too!

Sarcie said...

Wow the purple one looks exactly like my wedding invitation, did you use mine for inspiration?

Isaak and Jackie said...

heidi your pictures are amazing so full of light and beauty. What talent you have