Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Status Post Birthday . . . 28 yrs!

So yesterday was my Birthday, I really enjoyed myself! I made Raspberry Chocolate Truffle cupcakes, Gunner and I played with marshmallow fondant while jack took a nap, we had MacDonald's for Dinner, I decorated most of my cupcakes (Gunner and jack had their designated cupcakes to decorate and mommy had hers) while Johnny wrestled with the boys, and then we had a few people over to share them with. Then later that night Johnny and I watched X-men origins while he gave me a foot massage (you're missing out Natalie I'm telling you. It was the best!
I also had a great surprise! 92.5 KRFP is going to interview Johnny and I today at 2pm on our new cupcake catering business The Cupcake Company, needless to say we are thrilled and really nervous. They said they would give us a copy of the show so we will post it on our cupcake blog later.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mentering Session

I did a mentoring session with Katelyn Foutch earlier this week and she did great. We went out at 6am to catch the most excellent morning sunlight ever. This is a shot of Krystal,our model, looking off in pensive thought. Isn't she fabulous!And doesn't she do pensive wonderfully!

It was early and frosty. And I feel closer to Katelyn now that we've watched the sun rise over the still horizon in the distance . . . Ahhh-me [poetic sigh of wonder].
Another shot of Katelyn and Krystal workin-it!

Seriously though, look at those legs! The only two people who can pull this look off is Audrey Hepburn and Krystal! Ultra-FAB!

And we got to get an action shot in with the GAP jump! Weeeee!

Monday, September 21, 2009

#1 Alaskan Adventure: Rock Skipping

So instead of blogging all at once about all of our Alaskan adventures, I've decided to post one like once a week or something like that . . .

Visiting home just isn't the same without a trip to the cabin in Homer. We skip rocks on the beach, go to our 5th favorite pizza restaurant, hike, camp, fish, and brew some kettle booty (aka 3 day camping B.O.) that's what Johnny likes to call it!
So here we are on the Homer Spit skipping rocks into the Kachemak Bay. Johnny and I tie EVERY time for the most skips per throw. Though I usually pull ahead at first . . .

Jack was so excited to throw rocks indiscriminately without censure; I'm sure he thinks we'll never be able to re-create this heighten level of experience again.

Johnny, throwing a winning throw - trying to match my last 7-skip throw. The Homer spit is the best place to skip rocks; smooth, perfect skipping rocks for as far as you can see. You just pick one up and give it your all. If you are not doing so hot, it's usually your technique not the rocks OR bad tide - the waves can be pretty intense.

So I'm not entirely sure how I feel about posting this peeing picture of Gunner on my blog . . . except that I love it! Come on it's such a typical Dad and son action shot - look at the arch on that urine! Gunner definitely has the prostate of a 3 yr old! And let me assure you that Gunner thoroughly relished discovering the joy of relieving himself in the wilderness. If you can't get over it, chalk it up to my zeal for irreverent humor. I'll probably take this down in a few days, after the guilt gets a chance to really work on my conscience . . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am absolutely the best half-ace blogger in the world! If there is anything I could be be more hap-hazard about. . . but hopefully my goal to be on the consistent side of the things will stick. One of my favorite life's lessons is "Never be afraid of change." or rather one of my favorite life's lessons courtesy of Johnny O'Barr. Johnny served a two year mission when he was 20 for our church and the two greatest lessons he learned were:

1. Never be afraid of change

2. Trust in God's love

So there you have it as my friend Star would say ;) Anyways, we made it to Moscow . . . in Idaho. Johnny, is on his 3rd week of Law School and excelling under the pressure. Johnny is totally lovin it! He is so at home dissecting the principles, intent, and guiding theologies behind all these case studies. Johnny's honest concern for the exact frame of reference that everything is built upon made Law school a perfect fit. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with him, he is really excited about life and ideas -who doesn't want to be around that?! And I get to spend the rest of my life with him (said while droves of beautiful women sigh with envy - hey you missed your boat move on ladies)!

I'm staying at home with the boys - plotting to take over the world with cupcakes and free deodorant samples. Gunner started a "New pre-school, " as he is constantly referring to it; he goes MWF for a couple of hours and every time I go to pick him up he says "Not yet Mom," or "2 more minutes mama," apparently the free deodorant samples are not winning him over, maybe I'll try a tropical breeze fragrance . . .

Anyways, I've already staked out some photo-shoot haunts that I am in love with! I took Johnny and the boys to the University of Idaho's Arboretum, the picture posted here is the back side of it, with beautiful fields of golden grain and a quaint red barn on the hill, sighhhhhing is so therapeutic at sunset.
Here's one more of Gunner checking out the NEW playground . . .