Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Status Post Birthday . . . 28 yrs!

So yesterday was my Birthday, I really enjoyed myself! I made Raspberry Chocolate Truffle cupcakes, Gunner and I played with marshmallow fondant while jack took a nap, we had MacDonald's for Dinner, I decorated most of my cupcakes (Gunner and jack had their designated cupcakes to decorate and mommy had hers) while Johnny wrestled with the boys, and then we had a few people over to share them with. Then later that night Johnny and I watched X-men origins while he gave me a foot massage (you're missing out Natalie I'm telling you. It was the best!
I also had a great surprise! 92.5 KRFP is going to interview Johnny and I today at 2pm on our new cupcake catering business The Cupcake Company, needless to say we are thrilled and really nervous. They said they would give us a copy of the show so we will post it on our cupcake blog later.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday.
I'd love to try one of your cupcakes.
I didn't even know you did this.
K8 told me.

Cheney's said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!!! Sounds like you had a great day!
That cupcake sounds amazing! I wish we still lived close so I could get my hands on those yummy Cupcakes!!!!

The Higham Family said...

How exciting! A birthday and a cupcake business! Its so good to see what you guys are up to- we sure miss the O'Barr's!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday you old Fart! you know you had that coming! we miss you guys...and we really miss being your cupcake testers. good luck with the are just so crazy busy you put housewifes like me to shame!