Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#2 Alaskan Adventure: Deep Sea Halibut Fishing . . . AND . . . Happy Anniversary, 8 yrs!

We spent the morning of our anniversary out in Kachemak Bay deep sea fishing for Halibut. It was awesome! Below: Johnny and Garon, my brother, in the boat.

You'd never be able to tell that Johnny and Garon were horribly seasick, retching their guts up on the first fishing run - I did great, not a bit of sea sicknesses. Johnny actually does pretty good too. The first run out in the boat he pukes everything up and then after that it's like butter; a regular seadog. Even throughout his first initial sea sickness he's impressively functional; all these pictures were taken during that first trip. He'd stop, hand me his pole, turn and puke over the edge, then turn back around and bait another hook. I think he baited more hooks than I did - what a diehard! Halibut fishing is Johnny's favorite type of fishing though and he didn't want to miss out on anything. My poor, poor wretching brother - he pukes the whole time! He stirs the boat, leans over the side, weighs anchor, then curls up in fetal position. And every time at the end of the trip he swears it's his LAST halibut trip and every time I say, "Well it was a pleasure to accompany you on your last halibut fishing trip Garon. I am honored [said with slow meaningful emphasis as I look him in the eye . . . pause . . . then wink]."

Johnny determined to pull in our limit!

My first Halibut of the day! Yippeee!

Here's a shot of Gunner and Jack playing in the sand on the beach after we got back. I LOVE how disgruntled they look, they really did not want to humor mom's 'always taking pictures habit.' Don't they look like miniature versions of grumpy old men. , I LOVE it!


Samantha said...

awe i loved the pics...im sure if aaron saw these right now he would have a little silent cry to himself he wanted to go fishing w u guys so bad in the magical state of alaska. you looked like you had tons of fun!

The Higham Family said...

Those fish are huge! Holy freakin Halibut...