Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Labor Day, Jackie! [wink, wink!]

I did a maternity shoot with my friend Jackie the other day, she's beautiful, glowing, kind, and a wonderful mom. Baby Isaak is due any day now and I'm excited for Jackie to hold her new baby boy. Here's a sneak peak, I'll post some more as soon as I can get the rest of my computer up and going. Johnny's been re-doing it into a dream machine, unfortunately it takes time . . . but he's doing wonderful and we are almost done - THANK-YOU Love of my life, I know you work so hard!


Isaak and Jackie said...

I look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. Thanks for snapping me and Johnny thanks for working hard on the computer.

K8 said...

I LOVe these heidi! Man, I wish we would have used one of these for the invite! THey are way cool!